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Favorite Moment from the Season

With basketball season winding down in many parts, what has been your favorite moment of the season?

I have to admit, I think we have gone overboard with getting every last kid on the bench in the scorebook, but there have been a couple of times where late in games a special needs kid was able to come off the bench and play. The excitement they have is contagious and one of the reasons I stay involved.

However the night after the FL shooting, I worked a game where both teams stood together on the court with their arms locked around each other. Both teams and the officials agreed that we would toss the ball and let 17 seconds run off the clock before playing. The coaches said it was the players idea to do that to honor those students and adults who had lost their lives.

Put things in perspective for me...
"They don't play the game because we show up to officiate it"
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