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A relatively small population state, so the setup is fairly simple.

Teams are classified 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A, with 4A being the largest.

Regional tournaments are the first stage. There are 3 Regions for the 4A and 2 for all other levels. There are two 4A Regions in the South (Vegas) and one in the North, while all other levels have one Northern Region and one Southern.

The Regional tournaments are only 8 teams and only 6 in a couple of cases at the smaller school levels.

Officials: There are four associations in the State. North, South, Central (very small), and East. Each of these associations has a Commissioner appointed by the State Office. The Commissioner handles the assignments, with some advice from the Executive Board of the local association, for the Regional stage. Each association and commissioner handles all of the games played within their regular season territory.

The State tournament consists of a final four teams for each of the four levels. Therefore, there are only State semi-final contests and State Finals.
For 1A, 2A, and 3A levels the winner and runner-up in the Regionals qualify for State. For 4A, the winner of each of the three Regions qualifies and one of the runners-up will get the 4th spot. In even years, the 4th spot goes to the Northern Region runner-up because the event is held in Reno. In odd years, the tourney is in Vegas and the two runners-up from those 4A regions play a game to determine the 4th qualifier for State.

To receive a medal the official must actually work a State Final, not a semi.
The State office creates a matrix which divides the officiating slots for the games among the four associations. Each commissioner then gets to fill those designated slots with officials from his area. The State tourney rotates between being held in Reno and Las Vegas each year. It has never been held anywhere else. All crews for the State games comprise of mixed crews with officials from the different associations. Usually the East and Central officials don't receive spots on 4A games.
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