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3 is not a travel. Just a good move by the player to get an open shot. OK Wait, ha ha. Actually I watched it a few times after I wrote that and I think it is a travel. Pause at 10/11 seconds. It looks like he lifts it a bit or slides it slightly to get a better body position for the shot. You have to really break it down but his foot does move slightly that appears not to be just his foot adjusting direction. It was a good move and I see plays like that in the post incorrectly called sometimes and watching live it would be very difficult to call that and be sure.

For play 1.
I like the call. I mean red is going for the ball and maybe he gets it but there is some contact. Black gets there first and while I like the hustle, I think Red needed to recognize that and stay away from going the top like that.
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