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Coach winning by 25 playing....we all know who is going to win...., 4 left calls me over during a FT (mind you we are 25 fouls in on our way to 30 2nd half fouls at this point)...."things are getting rough, Im afraid one of my guys are going to get hurt". I think..."well gee coach, sorry I probably missed fouls 26 and 27 OF THE HALF trying to squeeze any flow I could out, my bad!!".....I reply...well you are playing a pretty aggressive defense you could help me out with that a little no? "Well yes but..."

There is always a "but". They cant take the information were giving them and execute off that....they have to feel like they achieved a game changing point with us.

GET YOUR KEY GUYS OUT....CALL OFF THE FREAKING DOGS MAN. 2-3 Zone and require 10 passes before a shot on O and lets get out of here quickly in one piece....

Nope...lets full court M2M all the way out and keep attacking the rim. He threw us a bone and finally slowed the O down at about 1 min left. Won by 25. Oh and the other coach complained all game we didnt call enough illegal screens. Lets see...lost by 25...check....cant guard other team without fouling...check...what to do next? Complain about screening.

Ugh. Basketball is dumb right now.

/rant...sorry that wasnt about running clock but at least I feel better.
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