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Originally Posted by jmkupka View Post
At the risk of assuming I know Mike's mind...

I think he's addressing the main point of the topic (the timing play).
Once PU sees the play won't be at HP, his mechanic is to cover the play at 3B, then to see the crossing of the plate, and make the Timing call himself.

(please god let me be right)
Unfortunately, that's not the mechanic. The plate umpire uses the HZ and reads the play, which could be 1) lead runner into home (1a: ball is cut and/or thrown to plate and play is made on "middle runner" or BR, which is covered by BU at any base); 2) "middle runner" into 3rd (considering: with two out, PU would need to cover this play and then make a determination of the timing at home); 3) "middle runner" at home.

As Mike said: "prioritize" but I will add "read the play." There is no automatic "stay at home" or "go to third" at any time. Mike's point was about "absolutes," which I certainly do not see here. I see primary responsibilities and then adjusting to the play.
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