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Black Belts ...

Originally Posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. View Post
If my memory is correct I think that Connecticut requires belted pants. But I am sure that BillyMac will be along sometime tomorrow to either confirm or deny what I just said about Connecticut.
IAABO International requires only beltless pants (a recent change), no belts allowed. Connecticut is 100% IAABO. My local board has a constitutional amendment that allows two optional variations from the IAABO International mandated uniform, local officials may wear an American flag emblem on the back of their IAABO jersey, and local officials may wear a black belt if they wish. This may not be true for the entire State of Connecticut, it's just my local board.

Local Board Constitution Article 15 - Uniform
1. The uniform shall be in accordance with that approved by IAABO, State Board, and (Local Board) with the optional addition of an American flag on the back of the shirt - center and one inch below the neckline. An additional option will be that belted slacks may be worn, and if worn, the belt shall be black.
2. The uniform shall be worn only by District/Area Board members in good standing.

I wear a belt because it's comfortable, but I would recommend (and do recommend) that young officials wear beltless pants from the get go, it's a more professional look.

My advice, wear beltless pants, but with the usual caveat, "When in Rome, check your local listings", or something like that.
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