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Originally Posted by Larks View Post
Been a long time since Ive posted on here...was reminded about the site tonight and thought about Jurassic Referee....wonder what he would have thought about Ohio's Running Clock for the tourney...

Running clock in the second half of tournament games if the score differential reaches 35 points. The running clock will remain in effect unless the score differential falls under 30 points. The running clock regulation is only for the tournament, beginning at the sectional level.

Hope you are all well.


I was surprised to see the memo that came out late last week about the running clock Mercy Rule. I think it surprised a lot of people because it was not mentioned in the Online State Rules Meeting nor in any LOA meetings all year long.

What is even stranger is that Ohio S.O. Basketball plays NFHS Rules with the OhioHSAA adoptions. I assign the officials for four counties in NW Ohio, and early in the season, I had the S.O. Director of one of those four counties ask me if the OhioHSAA Mercy Rule was in effect for S.O. Basketball games this year. I told him that the OhioHSAA had not adopted a Mercy Rule. He went on to tell me how the supposed OhipHSAA Mercy Rule was supposed to work, quoting the exact rule that is being used in this year's Tournament.

To say that I was flabbergasted to read the OhioHSAA memo last week would be an understatement. I do not know why the OhioHSAA adopt this rule, only for the Tournament and not for the Regular Season, and keep it secret until the end of the Girl's Regular Season.

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