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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
I've never been fond of areas where a single assigner could see to it that I couldn't work games.

When I lived in TN, my baseball assigner coached middle school hoops. For an official, he was a complete ass as a coach. I ejected him.

On the way off the floor, he threatened my baseball assignments.

I contacted the state office the next day. I contacted the association officers, as well. Not sure what kind of conversation there was, but I had a great schedule that next spring....and then moved out of state.

I'm thankful I can work with as many assigners as I want here.
That’s the type of system that’s in place in many of the southeastern states. Associations control the assignments, you can only be a member of one association, and if you piss off that assigner, goodbye to your schedule.

Even in South Carolina where the SCHSL controls all the varsity assignments, if you piss off your district director he can tell the state to stop giving you games.

I wish we had more of a “college system” that’s in place in much of the Midwest. Difference here is that schools aren’t members of “conferences” that hire assigners; they’re assigned to a classification (1A through 5A in South Carolina) and a region within that classification by the state office. Schools aren’t free to pick and choose what conference they play in.

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