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One Assigner ...

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
I'm thankful I can work with as many assigners as I want here.
I can work for lots of assigners, many middle schools, AAU, recreation leagues, travel leagues, mens leagues, church and synagogue leagues, summer leagues, and in theory, college, junior college, Olympics, NBA, etc.

If I want to work scholastic games, I have to work for one assigner.

I've had four scholastic (high school) assigners over the past thirty-seven years, two short term, two long term. All of them have been professional, fair, and have shown great integrity.

Lucky? You bet I am. I realize that it could have been different.

Our local IAABO board assigner works for us. We pay him. He has a one year contract. If he screws up, he, and his $32,025.00 salary, might be gone the next year. And, as we've seen after retirements, and death, there's no shortage of applicants for the job when we make a change.

Would I prefer to pick my scholastic assigner from multiple choices? Sure, I guess, but if it ain't broke, no need to fix it (until it's broke, and needs fixing).
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