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Since You Asked ...

Originally Posted by Big_Blue_Wannabe View Post
Anyone take a knee?
I really don't want to get into the politics of such an act, but I did have one team do it this season. Girls varsity. Small inner city charter (magnet) school. Entire team, and coach, are African American. The players lined up along the free throw line extended, standing, holding hands, facing the flag. When the music started, they all knelt down to one knee, still holding hands, still facing the flag. Coach was standing at his bench, hand over heart. At the end of the Anthem, they all stood up and headed toward their bench for a quick huddle before the jump ball to start the game.

As a church going person who often kneels to show reverence, I was not shocked by this quiet, but impactful, demonstration. And I like to think that my Dad, who fought his way across North Africa, Sicily, and Italy, in World War II, would not be shocked either.
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