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Originally Posted by IRISHMAFIA View Post
I am referring to prioritizing the runners.

The PU should be focused on the lead runner and the ball.
Actually, no. You read the play, which involves two runners and a throw.

As long as there is the possibility of a play at the plate, the PU must keep a position that will allow him to make that call and the BU must be available to make a call involving any other runner. Even if the PU does head down to 3rd for a call, he cannot just drop the responsibility of the lead runner and must turn his head and look to the plate on an out call as that runner is the most important on the field at that time. Like I said, don't care much for absolutes in this mechanic.
Mike, you are dangerously close to a "third world, what if" (well, sort of).

Yes, prioritizing the play -- that's what the mechanic is all about. You use the HOLDING ZONE to read the play and then react to the throw. The HZ is defined as the area about half way (notice the "about", so there isn't an absolute distance). A good PU will read runners coming home and outfielders throwing home, thus PU will not go that far into the HZ, stay at home and then react to the play. On a play where the runner scores easily and the throw is to third, PU needs to get "further" into the HZ and cover the "non-last" runner into third.

Pretty solid guidelines, and not see how this is absolute. If PU is unsure of the throw, PU needs to communicate the BU where he is.

My emphasis on your play: you are trying to say that PU goes to third -ON THE THROW- and then there is a snap throw and/or play at home? Even with me (yes me, with all the speed of an aging Sid Bream) rounding third and heading home is that even a remote possibility. PU goes to third because there is no play being made on the runner coming home and a play at third.

To me the problem arises when PU "stay home" with the runner scoring "because I have to watch the runner" (I say with my usual snark) and not go to third on the throw.
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