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Originally Posted by akmay20 View Post
I guess this is an absolute in a few minds, which I find ridiculous. Maybe for the "veterans" that I've seen 100 lbs overweight wearing their belts, it looks horrible. What I think looks horrible is the 70 year old geriatrics working high intensity Varsity games and they can't run half the length of the floor twice without being gassed, but hey they don't backpedal!
I watch a ton of basketball. I watch it on TV, I watch in a gym. I watch it on video. I never see an experienced official at any level back peddle to get into position. It is even rare to see a lower level official do this. The last time I saw an official do this, he was not very athletic anyway and he was not getting into position better by backpedaling in the first place. Just like you do not see officials wear white shoes when they referee. Kind of stands out when you do.

Originally Posted by akmay20 View Post
So what do you do, as the new lead, when you have a fast break with the ball handler out in front dribbling up the sideline? From there, the rest of the players in the game are chasing/following and are effectively straight-lining the trail in this situation. Looking over your shoulder blocks some of your view. Squaring up a little bit gives you full vision of the ball handlers position, sideline to nearest defender, which provides the best possible angle until partner can recover their field of view.
Simple, you turn and run like an athlete would and look over your shoulder. Kind of how most athletes do. Even as a football official that backpedals, there is a point you turn and run full speed. You only backpedal as a back judge or deep wing for a moment, but at some point, you have to turn your hips and run. You are running a lot faster in most cases on a football field than you are on a basketball court. You might only have to run hard for 50 or so feet anyway (even in 2 person). Also, you are running near or on the sideline. What view is blocked? You are not running up the middle of the court for God's sake.

Originally Posted by akmay20 View Post
I Those lines they have on the court usually are good indicators of your position on the floor.
Better watch out for pot holes though...
But you have to watch out for players that could be behind you. A coach that might be just slightly out of the box. A cheerleader that is not exactly in the right position. A person on the first row that had their feet on the actual court. A lot of things that can happen when running and you have no balance to catch yourself if you trip.

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