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Originally Posted by RedAndWhiteRef View Post
In blowouts, I'll say "time and score, Coach" when explaining why I passed on a foul on the team getting blown out. It's really hard for the winning coach to argue with that one.
I personally tell my partners to avoid this type of thinking and attitude for a few reasons.

1. With the amount of video available to teams, plays in which you are speaking of can easily be submitted to assignors or state organizations. When or if a play like that is submitted to your assignor, he/she is not going to look at the play and say well it was a foul but the score didn't warrant it. They may not even be able to tell the score/ game situation with just a clip submitted. They will simple say my official missed that play(s), possibly without you ever knowing the play was submitted.

2. Most often when coaches are ahead like that they aren't totally concerned with the passing of the foul but the risk of someone getting hurt. If you pass on a foul, the offending team might do that action again, or worse commit something more violent or flagrant. I think you should be aware of the precedent you are setting for the kids in these situations.

3. Sometimes we say don't miss anything on team XXX (winning team). While I generally agree with this it must be paired with don't make anything up. When a player makes a good or legal defensive play and we whistle them for a foul they believe that they have done something wrong. There are more games to be played and hopefully they are always learning and shouldn't try to correct/change legal plays.

My .02
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