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My go to phrase (most of the time - gotta be careful with some coaches) in situations where the coach is fired up about a travel/no travel is, "Coach, which foot did you have as pivot?".

99.999% of the time in my experience.......crickets.

Movin' on!

Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post

Also, when confronted with a coach questioning a travel/nontravel call, be sure to identify the pivot foot (left, or right (best guess if you have to)) and what that pivot foot did, or didn't do. This will usually disarm a coach because they usually want to talk about the number of steps, which, of course, as we all know (but they don't) has very little to do with a travel call.

"Coach. His right foot was the pivot foot and it never returned to the floor before the shot was released".

"Coach. Her left foot was the pivot foot and after being lifted it touched the floor before she released the pass".

"Coach. His right foot was his pivot foot and he lifted it off the floor before releasing the ball to start a dribble".

Coaches want to talk about the number of steps so when you come back at them talking about which foot was the pivot foot and what that foot did, or didn't do, it confuses them for a second, they figure that you know what your talking about, and they shut up, or you're long gone up the court.

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