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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
I looked it up. The policy below may only be for our local board. I don't know if other local boards in Connecticut have similar policies.

For assignment purposes, (the local board) will not grant Dual Member status for any new person who lives outside of (the local board) geographical territory.

Notes: "Dual Member" is an IAABO term for those residing in one local board while officiating in another local board. The term "new" in the policy means that local board veterans with Dual Member status have been grandfathered in and may continue to be Dual Members.
"Dual Members" means someone is a member of 2 organization. What if I live in one jurisdiction and work in another and it's more convenient and financially prudent to belong to the organization where my job is located? IAABO can mandate that I can only work for the board where my residence is?
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