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Transfers ...

Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
... and zero varsity games because the IAABO Board had no mechanism to accept move-in officials at that level.
Under the guidance of IAABO International, local IAABO boards are advised to try to assign transfer members (only IAABO transfers, not from other organizations) an assignment schedule similar to the one they had the previous season with their previous board. That's not necessarily the way it was always done in the past.

Also, on my local board, we have switched from peer ratings, and years of service, to "move up", to a system relying on an observation team. If you're a good official, you'll get a good schedule almost right away, even if you're transferring from a non-IAABO board, but that's just my local board, and it's a new system, can't say the same for other local boards.
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