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Moving to RI

Story of my life. My Naval service is moving me yet again, this time to RI this coming summer. I'll be a student at the Naval War College. Professionally, this is awesome and I'm looking forward to it. Officiatingly, not so much. I'll miss Wisconsin greatly (except for maybe the tiny pay checks, but the basketball is still quite good and mostly makes up for that).

I have officiated in RI once before, eight seasons ago. I recall shot clocks, two-person crews at all levels in the regular season, and zero varsity games because the IAABO Board (I think it was 84) had no mechanism to accept move-in officials at that level. Assigning was highly controlled at the statewide level if I recall. For sub-varsity it was the exact opposite: 100 little assigning fiefdoms and everything was done by telephone calls and handwriting.

So....anyone out there in the Ocean State who can attest to what has changed in the last eight years? Does an 11th year official have a prayer of working any varsity games next year or should I just throw in the towel?

I've also considered looking into registering in MA and CT as well, though since CT is still the "Home of the Two-Person Game" as BillyMac likes to point out, I can't see myself getting too excited about CT basketball.

This will only be for a year....then if I'm lucky on to the DC area where I believe opportunities (on both the VA and MD side) are at least a little better and I know those are definitely 3-person places.
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