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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
There are crews that have been to a few state tournaments that I simply will not use for a variety of reasons. Some are too demanding (I'll only work boys on Fridays) and some I don't really think are as good as they think they are based on their post-season assignments. I don't have the same agenda as the person who assigns that.
Here it is certainly possible to believe you are better than you are based on post-season assignments. For the coordinator (at least the current/outgoing one), assigning is much more a function of supply, location, and convenience than it is about ability. I know Rich knows this, but since this is an "everybody gets in" state, there are plenty of post-season games with which to inflate officials' egos.

Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Others I've caught dumping my small school games for closer/"better" assignments. In other words, lack of integrity.
They don't know what they're missing. Some of your small school games are absolutely fantastic and a lot better then some of the urban mismatches I see here in the metro area. Granted, you have your share of putrid duds, too.
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