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1991 National Semi Final UNC vs Kansas

Did Dean Smith earn his ejection late in this game vs Kansas. There is a backstory on what happened in the time frame where he got his 2nd T.And here is what I understand happened.

Smith had been baiting him(Pete Pavia) all day and he had already received one technical foul. When the UNC player fouled out late in the game Smith kept baiting Pete Pavia(the official) and was out of the coaches box when he did so. Under the rules when a coach leaves the coaches box it is supposed to be an automatic T. Most officials do give a little leeway for a coach who is actually coaching and not constantly getting on the officials. But in this case with Coach Smith continually baiting Pavia and having gotten a T earlier in the game Pete Pavia gave Dean Smith no leeway and whacked (gave him a T) for his 2nd of the game and under a rule change for that season 2 T's were now needed for ejection rather than the previous 3. FWIW Pete Pavia was suffering from cancer(but it did not affect his ability to work as observed by a Final 4 assignment( and was taking medication to help fight the diseases but would die of the disease two years later.

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