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Originally Posted by TriggerMN View Post
If only college assignors felt the same way...
I'm not a college assigner, although if I was a small college assigner I wouldn't pretend I was a D1 assigner, like so many of them seem to do today.

We're working high school basketball. My #1 concern is that the calls are correct and that officials know how to act in a school environment.

I don't care at all if "he runs funny" or "could stand to lose weight" or whatever else would be written on a college camp evaluation to eliminate people. Does the official get in position and does the official make correct calls at an acceptable level. Does the official know how to talk to coaches and therefore I don't get 5 phone calls a season about an official's demeanor/attitude/etc.

There are crews that have been to a few state tournaments that I simply will not use for a variety of reasons. Some are too demanding (I'll only work boys on Fridays) and some I don't really think are as good as they think they are based on their post-season assignments. I don't have the same agenda as the person who assigns that.

Others I've caught dumping my small school games for closer/"better" assignments. In other words, lack of integrity.

Four years of this has opened my eyes, believe me.
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