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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
Yes, the OP directly states that he had an agenda to fulfill in making this happen.

I have no issue with qualified individuals working any contest. The problem occurs when people put other factors into selecting officials or crews as was clearly done in this case. Where TF and I disagree is that he went out of his way to have all three of them on a crew together in order to make a spectacle out of it. I would rather see them work the games and be assigned exactly as the rest of the members in the group without the extra fanfare.

I don't agree with promoting or showcasing one type of person over another in any circumstance simply because of the way that the individual was born. People who do so often think that they are helping, but they are actually hurting our society.
I think you are stretching things a bit. I read it and never thought twice that there was some "affirmative action" taking place or a spectacle. I think it is a good thing. Maybe seeing a crew of women working games will encourage other women to get into officiating. Finding officials is hard enough in some areas. Lets double the pool of prospects.
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