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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
I send all-black crews into towns where there are few black people.

Good luck complaining to me about that one. I think most people know better.

I'm sure some coaches are, deep-down, bothered with females working boys games. Another complaint I don't expect to hear.

I really am color- and gender-blind when it comes to assigning. I need officials (about 40 a night) and I really only think about whether they can handle a particular contest. I don't always get that right, but I do my best.

Frankly, I'm the exact same way about all characteristics. Short, tall, thin, heavy, doesn't matter to me, as long as people can do the job.
As it should be. But folks who think diversity considerations should be ignored are living in a bubble and ignoring history. As I said elsewhere on social media, there are currently state tournament officials in every state whose resumes have benefitted from the failure of females and minorities getting equal opportunities at some point in their careers.
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