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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
Selecting people for crews because of gender, race, height, lack of hair, or any other reason besides the quality of the individual's officiating is wrong.
Unfortunately, you have taken the mistaken path of fulfilling an agenda.
This type of stuff doesn't help officiating and needs to stop.
I have 40 varsity slots to fill EVERY Tuesday and Friday.

Part of what I do involves recruiting officials, identifying talent, and putting a positive spin on officiating wherever I can.

If these officials are varsity qualified, there's NO REASON you can't put them together into a crew.

I hired 3 females to work a boys varsity game this season. They all work varsity boys and girls regular season games. Did I promote the event? Yes, I did. I even went to the game, took pictures, and live tweeted it. They did great -- I have no doubt they would.
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