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Originally Posted by akmay20 View Post
What are your all's opinions on backpedaling? My step-father has always strongly advised me not to backpedal on the court because "that one time you're gonna bust your ass out there."

I know for this specific scenario, it's not an option, but for those times when the ball is sideline and you're ahead of the developing play, I find backpedaling gives me a square view of the action. I am still pretty agile with decent footwork thanks to great DB coaches, so I am comfortable doing it. I know with time/age, I'll stray away from it.

Does anyone else out there open up on the court, at certain times, to get a better angle?
Backpedaling looks absolutely horrible. What purpose does backpeddling serve? When you're back peddling you're moving away from what you're looking at. And when you're back peddling you're not looking at your primary, you're looking back at the ball. Backpedaling is a ball watcher's technique.

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