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Originally Posted by rotationslim View Post
Question on style/mechanics-- you become lead as A1 dribbling up floor fast Do you:
1) try sprint up along side him/her, looking directly sideways to monitor ball/player. Problem is to do this you are basically sprinting and have slightly less control of your body

2) let him/her run out in front, and travel up court a bit slower, more in control looking slightly forward as player/ball move up court faster than you then slide around onto baseline as you arrive

I find myself doing both, sometimes depending on my mood/how tired I am/hot moms in stands/conditions/level of players, etc. I am just wondering how others do it--
Hereís my question....why are you monitoring the player? In this transition Iíd go back to what is your primary area? And what should you be watching in your primary? If there are players out front you need to be watching off ball. My opinion itís better to get to the end line and watch the players come to you.
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