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Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
You should have. An NBA game was postponed last week for "moisture on the floor." Safety issues need to be taken seriously.

I can't stress this enough: game officials have two jobs--1. Enforce the rules of the game fairly, 2. Look out for the safety of the participants.
I cant imagine anyone disagreeing with that statement. That isnt what is in question in this thread. The issue is- whether or not the condition described is a threat to the safety of the participants. Just because other ref would use critical thinking skills to evaluate the risk, then decide to continue the game does not mean they dont value safety. It means their conlusion was slightly different than yours. Saying they somehow dont care about safety isnt fair.

If you really wanted to put some critical thinking skills on this, and not just rule by rote, you would take a holistic view of safety, and consider the added, and very real risks, of making the players and fans make a second four hour round trip by car or bus to attend the second attempt to get the game in is worth the possibility of a broken fingernail when a player scrapes the bottom of the backboard.
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