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Originally Posted by rotationslim View Post
Geez.. everyone wants to be a hardcase-- the discussion on this board was about applying common sense. Meeting with the coaches would be gathering pertinent information to use in the judgement call as to allow the game to continue or not. Pretty much the only thing that is relevant to the "safety" aspect is if any player on the court could elevate to a level that put his head in proximity to the bottom of the backboard. Pretty sure the coaches are the ones who can tell you that, and I know we are supposed to demonize and belittle coaches on this board, but in this case they are the source of the information you need to make a wise ("wise" meaning applying judgement to facts that you have) decision.

And, BTW this "playoff game" sounds like such a slipshod operation that if you, as ref, walked off and refused to call it they probably would have grabbed the mom taking tickets and given her a whistle and said "game on"
I'm sorry, I must have missed the part of the rule that talked about it only applying to certain players.

I'm not the only one looking to cover his ass, either. It's not about being a "hardcase" it's about doing the right thing in terms of rules and safety.

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