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Originally Posted by so cal lurker View Post
What did you do?
We ended up playing - though I will add I do agree in hindsight that we likely should not have.

Neither of us had run into an issue like this before and were not exactly sure what our jurisdiction was in a playoff game. CIF had awarded this school a home playoff game, and they had played here all season. While I think we would have been 100% justified in refusing the coaches' requests to play, we were a bit at a loss for what to do.

Both coaches wanted to play and were adamant none of their players were athletic enough to get anywhere near the rim (this was a game between two small schools), the visiting team had traveled over 2 hours and did not want to potentially have the game rescheduled.

Like I said, I'm confident we made the incorrect decision by rule, so no need to post letting me know that, but that was the end result.

The game went on, the home team won, the backboard was, as the coaches expected, never an issue and everyone went home.
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