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Originally Posted by OrStBballRef View Post
In the first quarter I issued a delay of game to the home team for grabbing the ball after a basket, walking 3-4 steps, turning around and then rolling it back to the visiting team. Easy call.

For whatever reason the visiting team was fixated on the delay of game call in general for rest of the game.

In the 3Q I was administering a throw in right beside home team's bench. Visiting player is reaching over the line and before I give the ball to the home team I step in and caution him to not reach over the line. He takes a couple of steps back, but then proceeds to reach over the line after I bounced the ball to the thrower. I blow the whistle for the DOG warning. Visiting team coach then yells loud enough for the entire gym to hear "Come on man let them play basketball!!" Blow my whistle and administer the bench warning.

One of his players earns a T from me for clapping at me after I blow a foul on his teammate in the 4Q. Easy call.

What earned the coaches T was with about a minute left, white team had just scored. Home team player was in the air as the ball was coming through the net and as he was heading down the ball bounced up, hit him in the chest and rolled out of bounds towards the baseline. Player couldn't avoid hitting the ball after it went through etc...definitely not an DOG.

Coach asks as I'm running by, going into the C position, why it wasn't a DOG (he had asked for the DOG a couple times prior to this) and I explain it as he didn't intentionally hit it and therefore it wasn't a penalty. Coach then says to me "Ahh you don't know what it is!" Emphasis added for the tone in which I heard it.
Thanks for the info! I would have handled it the same way you did. I'm not a fan of ignoring the coaches statement at the end. They need to learn they don't get free shots at us, and the only way to do that is calling the T. I understand the position of your Referee, but that's an easy one IMO. What we permit, we promote.
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