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by staying on his feet, I mean not gone to the floor in a heap lol. These are men, it's not junior high girls. If a player is engaged is stationary post play, and bends his knee for leverage and to lock up against an opponent, don't penalize it if the opponent chooses to not engage but instead to fall like he's been shot by a sniper. tell him to get his ass up, and guess what, he won't do it anymore. if there is obvious illegal contact, that's another matter. wasn't in either of those cases. stick man chose not to fight position. i think in both cases the player flopped to see if a naive official would fall for it. and he got bites both times lol. that won't fly with officials that know what they are doing, and they will let the flopper know it too. if you are on the ground in the paint and someone gets caught up with you, it's a foul on you, so be careful big boy.
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