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Originally Posted by scrounge View Post
Of course not, I never meant to say that *all* illegal screens are "moving screens", just that it's a perfectly acceptable common language way of explaining why a particular illegal screen would be illegal. Just like "arm bar", "playing thru the back", "cut off" are common categories for pass interference, this is a handy way of categorizing the type of illegal screen. It's not the only illegal screen in the rule book by any means, but it's absolutely there as one type of illegal screen, by any reasonable description. That's all I'm saying.
You should not use a term that bastardizes the rule. If you say moving screens are illegal and there is no contact and displacement (required even by an illegal screen) then you might misunderstand the rule. Players often stop short of any contact or contact that would cause displacement. Sometimes players move and slip on the screen and it was never set, but they did not create any contact or displace their opponent. Again this is why we should stay away from the term. And blind screens require a normal step, well a blind screen can be set and totally illegal. A screen again is either legal or illegal and it does not matter if you are moving or not.

Heck, I have not called an illegal screen because when the potential screened player sees the screen, they stop and move around the bad screen. I will put it this way, in football, it is not holding just because you are held. It is holding when you demonstrate you are trying to get away and the point of attack is affected. If you cannot keep going on the screen or stop and give up because someone is in front of you in basketball, I am not calling the foul. It is really that simple for me.

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