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Originally Posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. View Post
"Time and Distance" is the requirement for setting a legal Screen, whether it is a Stationary Screen or a Moving Screen. One cannot go wrong when asked what did the Screener do wrong when setting an illegal Screen by replying each and every time: "He/she did not give "Time and Distance" when setting his/her screen." It is short (at least by my standards, LOL) and sweet, and is accurate per the Rules.

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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
What's The Matter With Kids Today?

Most of the illegal screens seen around these parts involve the screener illegally sticking out a leg, a hip, or an elbow to impede the progress of the defender.

What's wrong with coaches today? Back in the mid-twentieth century, we were taught to get there a little early, get set, and don't over extend any body part. I guess that coaches today don't teach that anymore. Also, kids today aren't taught how to use screens properly. We were taught to get as close to the screener as possible, usually shoulder to shoulder, not leaving any room for a defender to squeeze in. Players today don't get as close to the screener, forcing the screener to move, or to overextend a body part, in order to screen off the defender.


Sticking out a leg or a hip would definitely would be an infraction of Time and Distance. Using the elbow to impede that progress of the Screened Player could fall more under Holding; just my two cents.

I would be willing to qualify my original statement such that it applies to the vast majority Illegal Screens that we have over the course of the season. And I like it because it is "short and succinct" (a phrase that is rarely associated with me, LOL).

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