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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
So is the screen moving when you set your feet outside of your frame? What about if you are "set" and you do not give your opponent the proper time and distance? There are many examples of screens that can be illegal and totally set. There are more requirements for a screen than if you are moving or not.

Originally Posted by scrounge View Post
Of course not, I never meant to say that *all* illegal screens are "moving screens", just that it's a perfectly acceptable common language way of explaining why a particular illegal screen would be illegal. Just like "arm bar", "playing thru the back", "cut off" are common categories for pass interference, this is a handy way of categorizing the type of illegal screen. It's not the only illegal screen in the rule book by any means, but it's absolutely there as one type of illegal screen, by any reasonable description. That's all I'm saying.

"Time and Distance" is the requirement for setting a legal Screen, whether it is a Stationary Screen or a Moving Screen. One cannot go wrong when asked what did the Screener do wrong when setting an illegal Screen by replying each and every time: "He/she did not give "Time and Distance" when setting his/her screen." It is short (at least by my standards, LOL) and sweet, and is accurate per the Rules.

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