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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
College specifically allows "walk and talk." NFHS (at least most states' versions of it) specifically do not. The importance of (or the "penalty" for not) following the prescribed mechanic varies. Based on your post, it seems to be important in your area -- if it were me, I'd attempt to follow it.

(And, I don't see what one hand or two hands has to do with it)
It's not a Men's mechanic. We are supposed to hustle to a spot clear of the players, stop, and report. I do it as such in college games because it makes no sense to keep moving towards the table since I have to go opposite after reporting.

I "walk and talk" in HS on shooting fouls in a manner that, when I'm finished reporting, I am at the spot I want to be in for free throw administration. If a throw-in is to ensue, as soon as I clear the players, I stop and report.
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