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Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
The NFHS Manual (yes, JRut, I know not all states use it) requires coming to a stop in the reporting area. Whether or not itís a big deal in your area just depends. In South Carolina, no one that matters really gives a damn.

On the menís college side, J.D. Collins has made it a big deal to hustle and stop before reporting. The womenís side is the complete opposite.

All this to say, things like this can differ significantly based on where you live (and what levels you work).
You keep referencing my comments about the manual and you keep missing the bigger point. The point is that every little detail that the NF uses is not accepted or not allowed to be changed. We actually use almost every NF mechanic, but there are little things we have no option to use as the NF gives. And as I have stated in basketball, we do not vary that much from the book at all. In other sports like football, we have a bunch of directives that have nothing to do with the NF because they feel the NF does not address those situations properly.

Now that being said in this area we are asked to do it by stopping and reporting. But do people do that to the letter? Nope. Does it prevent someone from going into the playoff? Not likely. There are many philosophies used that the NF book never addresses. The NF book is more about where you stand, what you do in this very specific situation, but there are many situations that clearly are never specified and one reason this board works for many officials across the world.

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