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I know all that stuff. I was asking for the location of the words "advantage/disadvantage" in the rule book in regards to fouls.

Also, not sure how a clear push, with someone being displaced 5 feet, could not result in an advantage/disadvantage situation. There would be no reason for the push in the first place. The OP described something that was not incidental. If it was incidental, then there would be no OP.

Altor mentioned definitions. Sure, no problem, check section 37 Rebounding, article 2 a.

You win, not responding to this thread any more. Rest easy knowing that when I see a clear push as described in the OP, a foul will be called. If someone can find the words "advantage/disadvantage" in regards to fouls in the rule book, start a new thread with the location, lol. I am hopeful that a 5 feet displacement will not equal an advantage or disadvantage, lol.

Hey ChuckS, if you see a player clearly get displaced 5 feet, I strongly urge you to call the foul. Can anyone argue with a clear, 5-foot shove? And if you don't, the next clear shove might result in a 10 foot displacement.
If some rules are never enforced, then why do they exist?

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