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Walking and Reporting

Association received a warning from our mechanics guru that too many officials are walking towards the table and reporting. Before with single hand number reporting, I think it caused more officials to get to a spot, then go through the reporting sequence. Now because you can hold two hand up and walk towards the table, its allowing more people to walk and talk. Hell a week ago, I had a partner just report from the baseline and didn't rotate (to each their own, I guess).

I find myself doing it a lot more and I was always someone who tried to get to a spot because I wasn't coordinated enough to walk, talk, use one hand, and find the scorekeepers eyes all at the same time. I see most if not all college officials do this and I don't necessarily see it as a big deal, but I am curious what others are hearing.

Anyone else getting lectured on this?

I was told by a friend of mine in another state, their state evaluated officials on this as part of their playoff ratings as they thought guys would get lazier with 2 hands.
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