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Originally Posted by ballgame99 View Post
Had this exact scenario in a boys V game the other night; even though I clearly stated the timeout was before the turnover (i distinctly heard "timeout" as the player was approaching the division line" with the ball, turned my head quickly to verify, and blew it, as I blew it I see the other team stealing a pass..) Coach tried to convince me it wasn't when it was called by the coach but when I blew the whistle.... I believe my comments was "That's not accurate Coach".

The other one I have seen is when a kid rises up and makes a cross court pass and the coach tries to call time out while its in the air. Sorry Coach.

True story, girls' VAR years ago in Michigan, and a two-person crew. Visitors are down three with less than 30 seconds to play. V-PG brings the Ball up court, Table Side. My partner is T, Table Side. V-HC is behind my partner and requests a TO. My partner turns his head toward V's Bench to verify V-HC's TO request. As my partner sounds his whistle for the TO, V-PG has already released at 3pt FGA that touches nothing but net. The Visitor's never came close to tying the game after their TO.

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