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Originally Posted by rotationslim View Post
I only every really watch HS ball.. but I watch a lot of it. Have seen hundreds of games, and I never actually recall a ref keeping his whistle in his pocket. Seemed weird as heck to me, but I have been corrected. Turns out it is not weird at all.

Having said that it is possible others have done it and been smooth about it, hitting the whistle then deftly slipping it in the pocket as you jog to reporting area. That is not this ref's mechanic though-- he's probably 70 plus, so moved a bit slow to start with. When he stopped play, he would then go through a painfully slow process of putting the whistle away and only then would start to move towards the reporting area.
Not weird here, it is very common as we have many officials that work pro-am type games all year long. So many guys will go without a lanyard. I go without a lanyard in the summer to slow my whistle down. I would do it during the regular season if it was more accepted, but it does not make that much difference to me. And yes, I put the whistle in my pocket when reporting a number with a 5 in it and it is not in my other hand.

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