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Originally Posted by bob jenkins View Post
Reference please.

I do not recall that phrase being in the FED rule or case book (I do think it's in the NCAA rules books)
Agreed. I have not been able to find it anywhere. NCAA rules clearly state this situation WOULD NOT be a T. But high school seems absent on the matter.

The only possible wording I can find in the rule book that MIGHT allow an official to justify this Tech is

10.2.1 - Allow the game to develop into an actionless contest, this includes the following AND SIMILAR ACTS.

Perhaps one could argue that similar acts includes fans interfering, though I think this would be a major stretch since the ball was not in play.

There is also language somewhere in the book that talks about a T to the head coach for 'inciting' the fans. Also can't see applying this here when it was the clock running out that led to the fans on the court.
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