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Originally Posted by pizanno View Post
Correction: Unsporting behavior IS a Technical Foul (dead-ball contact may be deemed incidental), and Technicals DO NOT count towards the two Unsportsmanlike Foul disqualification count. If White #15 received a subsequent Unsportsmanlike Foul, she would not have been DQ'd.

The crew could've deemed #15's reaction as an Unsportsmanlike Foul, but seemed to decide the behavior/reaction was more relevant than the disengaging "contact".
I may be confused on your wording, but like Bob said, they did assess both opponents an Unsportsmanlike Foul. One was live ball, one was dead, so they didn't "cancel," and that's why they shot both in order and administered the ball the way they did (correctly).

And if 15 had been assessed an UNSF later, she absolutely would've been ejected - not disqualified. I know most of us know this, but there's a big difference.
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