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I was assigned to do four games at this complex that has 8 courts and only does tournaments. They also form complex teams and do training for a small fee lol. I show up and have worked there a few times before so I knew the drill no big deal. I get with my partner and see the GM of the complex on the court running drills so I ask my partner and come to find out not only is he the GM of the complex but he is HC of two of the teams. I find this a huge conflict of interest but oh well. We start the game and it is going even though the GM is crying over every little call but I ignore. His player drives the lane but extends his arm and pushes off so I get him for offensive foul and the GM goes crazy. It was shocked at first that he would cry over such a obvious call but I let him vent a little until he says loud enough for the entire complex to hear "I run this place and I will make sure you never work here again" I walked over to him and said "this may be your house but its my court and you just got a T" he is furious but coach came over to calm him down. Half time hits and I go to the bathroom when I am walking back I hear him on his phone telling the assignor to get him a replacement for me. I am ticked off at this point tell my partner and decide to stay professional. We get ready to inbound the ball for the second half and he is standing so I tell him he has lost the box because of the T. He tells me he is standing and who is going to enforce it the GM and he laughs. I see now that even if I dump him he will not leave and I will have to put up with it the rest of the game. I walk over to my partner apologize and tell him I got to go and he says I completely understand. I walk over change my shoes put my coat on and start walking out. The GM says you are a POS and no sooner then he says it my partner is behind me with his coat on saying life is too short to put up with this shit. We left got a beer together and played some pool.
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