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Originally Posted by pizanno View Post
Correction: Unsporting behavior IS a Technical Foul (dead-ball contact may be deemed incidental), and Technicals DO NOT count towards the two Unsportsmanlike Foul disqualification count. If White #15 received a subsequent Unsportsmanlike Foul, she would not have been DQ'd.

The crew could've deemed #15's reaction as an Unsportsmanlike Foul, but seemed to decide the behavior/reaction was more relevant than the disengaging "contact".
Yes, "unsporting behavior" is a T. But, what happened in these plays was Unsportsmanlike Personal Fouls (and, yes, in NCAAW, you can have this type of personal foul while the ball is dead).

And, in NCAAW, a player is DQ for either two Ts or for two Unsportsmanlike fouls (but not for one of each) (which I think is what you said).

Edit: I think you are saying that Red was called for an Unsportsmanlike Foul and White was called for a T. If so, the FTs would be the same, but then White should get the ball for a throw-in. Since the officials gave the ball to Red, they either (a) deemed White's foul to be Unsportsmanlike, or, (b) kicked the administration.

Edit 2: The box score shows both teams with an Unsportsmanlike Foul at 1:37 (the time is from memory) and no Technical fouls

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