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Fans on court at end of game

Situation occured at the end of a contest here in Los Angeles last week. Struggling to find a rule to support the call.

A1 hits a shot to take a 1 point lead with 3 seconds on the running clock. Team B coach immediately calls time out (recognized by official under the basket).

Due to the noise in the gym, and the distance to calling official, the score table does not stop the clock and the buzzer sounds to end the game. Fans rush the court in front of the home team bench.

Officials correctly put time back on the clock, and call a technical four against Team A for their second delay. Team B hits both free throws to take the lead.

I don't have my rule book in front of mean, but based on my interpretation of the delay rules, because the time out is called immediate and there is no live ball action to delay, is there justification to call a T here - or should the official simply have cleared the court, put time back on the clock and proceeded as normal?
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