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Originally Posted by UNIgiantslayers View Post
Here's a fun little update:

I had this team again later in the week. 2nd half, his team is down big. Foul count is 9-1 against his team, and his kids continue to play sloppy handsy defense. During a 1+1, he says "9-1" twice. I looked over and gave him my best death stare, and then my partner thought he heard him say "You guys should be ashamed of yourselves." He wasn't sure if it was someone behind him though, so he let it go. It goes to show that some people never learn.

Later in the game, he was complaining to me about one of the other players taunting his fans- "Tell so-and-so to stop taunting our fans." I told him "if I see it, I'll talk to him. I'm not going to talk to him if I don't see it." He goes "That's your job." I just walked away.

In our state, we fill out sportsmanship ratings for the boys' union and they go to the AD. I'd love to see how everyone else has rated him this year and if he's this way to everyone or if he just doesn't like me.

He has some talented kids, but he doesn't coach. He literally sits there and says nothing to his kids and complains to/about the officials. I truly feel bad for his kids because they deserve a coach and he acts more like a fan in the stands. Fortunately I won't see his team again until next year so hopefully he improves in that area by then.
This sounds exactly like a few coaches I know, which I'm pretty sure is only an hour or so south of you I called my first technical a couple of weeks ago on a coach who clapped and yelled "Yay we got one!" when a foul was called against his opponent. I never knew how I'd know when it was time to finally whack a guy....then I knew.
Throwing people out of a game is like riding a bike- once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.- Ron Luciano
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