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Originally Posted by UNIgiantslayers View Post
3rd q varsity boys. Coach was a dick all first half to my partners but I was never really near him. I had a PC and we had a double whistle so I delayed to make sure my partner was going to give it up since it was in my PCA. I sold the charge signal hard, and coach didnít like that I delayed. Crowd goes nuts, it gets quiet. Next possession down, his kid lays a brutal illegal screen and I get it. He keeps clapping after itís over and the gym is quiet except for him clapping and staring me down.


You guys popping him here? My partner asked if I couldíve avoided it. I told him I deal with middle school kids all day and donít need to go to my hobby/job and deal with adults acting like kids. He got lots of leash in the first half and I think weíre to the point in the season where post season referrals are in and IDGAF what the coaches think.
I am popping him. Its happened once or twice and I regret not popping the coach.
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