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Entitled Father-son coaching duo's

Do other areas see this: We have a couple of perennial powerhouse teams that a father has built, and now has turned over to his son. In both cases son is head coach, father stays on as an assistant and is on the bench with his son. Sounds like the american family dream right-- actually can be an officials nightmare. One duo is not too bad, but the other local couple-- hooy boy. Son is completely entitled by what his father has created.. up all game.. riding the ref.. arrogant. When he sits down, the father stands up and starts going. It's awful. I was spectator at game Friday Night.. Son got a well deserved T-- so was in the seatbelt-- so now it was daddys turn to get up a work the refs. I dont like second guessing the crew-- but they shoulda whacked daddy! Later in the game son takes second technical.. it was over a rough play where there was plenty of blame to go around to both teams, and the refs had called it correctly. Anyway he is so angry he starts agressively moving towards ref who made call and the T. A closer ref steps in and physically holds him back. I swear it looked like a WWE wrestling bit. He eventually left the gym. Not sue why third tech was not called for the running onto floor to get at ref, not sure why one ref took it upon himself to restrain the guy, didnt seem like his job, coach had daddy and 2 other assistants to do that. So now Daddy in charge-- he is up and riding the ref like nobodys business (does seatbelt rule carry over to substitute head coach??? ) . Worth noting.. game is a blowout-- his team down by 15 with no chance of comeback. One instance Daddy didnt like something he saw as ball was about to go into play (not sure what, I was in stands) so he jumps up yells "STOP...STOP..." By this time he is at the scorers table and starts reaching for the horn button yelling at the scoreboard op to sound the horn. Refs blow whistle and stop before he got to horn. Still no idea what it was about but nothing changed in the floor or setup after refs had a quick conference with him. I am just a girls JV ref.. but I am pretty sure coach is not allowed to sound horn. Then, if perhaps Daddys greatest moment he is talking to his players at end of timout-- going way overtime-- then opposing team member comes within a few feet of his huddle and he blows up screaming at the ref that they other player was invading their huddle. Turns out ball was to be taken our right where his huddle was.. and ref was trying to restart the action. You'ed think that would cause him to settle down out of embarrassment-- no chance.. just kept talking the rest of the night.
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