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I might have and might not have. I think you were there and have to decide if this action was continuous enough or distracting enough.

I gave a T this week for a coach basically telling me what to do. When I whacked him I said, "Never tell me what to do." He shut up and tried to get into my head more (I really did not care as it was a girls game) and he realized that dog was not hunting and he moved on. I know others would not have T'd him up the way I did, but I feel there is a certain level of respect I deserve and I know I give a lot of respect in return to coaches. But others think you should not do anything even if your "fun bucket" has filled up.

Based on what is said, I have little issue with it if you feel all his actions were directed at you.

You roll the dice, you might just crap out. Coach saw you were "Not that one."

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