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Originally Posted by UNIgiantslayers View Post
3rd q varsity boys. Coach was a dick all first half to my partners but I was never really near him. I had a PC and we had a double whistle so I delayed to make sure my partner was going to give it up since it was in my PCA. I sold the charge signal hard, and coach didn’t like that I delayed. Crowd goes nuts, it gets quiet. Next possession down, his kid lays a brutal illegal screen and I get it. He keeps clapping after it’s over and the gym is quiet except for him clapping and staring me down.


You guys popping him here? My partner asked if I could’ve avoided it. I told him I deal with middle school kids all day and don’t need to go to my hobby/job and deal with adults acting like kids. He got lots of leash in the first half and I think we’re to the point in the season where post season referrals are in and IDGAF what the coaches think.
I would have done the same. Good work.

As far as your partner asking if it could have been avoided, it could have potentially been avoided if your partner handled this guy sooner.
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