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Does the player have to come out?

2 man player catches the ball unguarded in my corner as I am the lead. Kid beg jumping on one foot over and over. I call travel on him. His teammate comes over and says "it's his knee." He picks him up and carries him the 8 ft or so to the bleachers. He sits him in the bleachers with his leg up on the bleacher as well. They start shoving on his knee repeatedly. His teammate tells me "it pops out of place." After about 30 seconds He says there is it and jumps up without even limp. Meanwhile there is a sub at the table for him that comes in.

My question is what if there was no sub? The coach never came out. I assume bc he knew what was going on. Would the player need to be removed as we stopped play for approximately 1.5 minutes.
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